Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long time, no post

I see that it's been just over month since I last posted here, the reason being the same--there is really very little I can say about the work I'm doing, most of which involves drafting regulations and recommendations to policymakers, none of which is public. I did meet Secretary Sebelius last week, she was very gracious in her appreciation of the work we've been doing and remembered that John Garamendi had spoken to her about me.

The other big thing that has been going on for the past few weeks has been the GIANTS !!!! I've been glued to the TV throughout the playoffs, and have been thrilled by their wins, especially in the first Series game last night. It's hard being so far away while all this is going on . . . .

Here in DC, we've been enjoying a lovely fall, the city looks beautiful, the weather has been great, we've done a lot of walking, sitting on the roof of our building at dusk, etc. I know that winter is coming, but for now it feels like an ideal climate.

We're looking forward to being home for Thanksgivivg, seeing David and Kate, being back in California. We miss them, and it, a lot.